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Hypnosis For Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Cessation Using Hypnotherapy. Online through zoom in the comfort of your own home. Only one 90 minute session to get the result. High success rate. 

One Session • lifelong results

Rewire your mind

Using hypnotherapy we renegotiate with the part of the mind that controls the decision to be a smoker. In trance we make new agreements to stop smoking and make brighter choices that supports the health of the body.

Trance State

Hypnotherapy is a deep relaxation process that enables the unconscious aspect of the mind to be tapped into and rewired to stop smoking. The unconscious mind is the place where habits are held, luckily using hypnotherapy the unconscious mind is eager to please and new healthier choices that support the body can be made.

Self awareness

Will you be awake when you are hypnotised? The hypnotic process will gently guide you into the state of trance which is felt like a deep state of relaxation. You are fully in control, and only do what is true to your own values. Have greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Are Your Ready To Stop Smoking?

Its now time, to feel healthy, to take back control & choose to be smoke free, free of an old habit.

Smokey Breath

The cost per year


Controlling habit

Hypnotherapy Will Help You To Kick The Habit...

With hypnotherapy you release the habit of smoking, and choose health, vitality and a fresh, refreshing new you.

You already know the roulette you have been playing with your health, and what may have once started as a social pleasure, now, its controlling your life. You are ready, to break free and ready to reclaim your freedom. 

You'll discover the seven benefits to smoke free!

Let hypnotherapy be the key to unlocking the secret to your freedom.

Say, Yes To You!

I love being a non smoker.

Oh, Smell So Good!

Closer Connections.

Strong Voice

Expressing yourself clearer, being heard, breathing easier.

Greater Awareness

Insights clearer, smoke free. The fog is gone.


Regain control of your body. (cravings gone!) 


Save £4000/year

£40,000 over 10 years

(1 packet a day smoker) 

Feel Great

Notice a vitality & enthusiasm for life as your body becomes more balanced day by day.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your home, relax at home, and enjoy the experience.

Online Hypnotherpy

Stop smoking hypnosis session online, through zoom, skype, or whatsapp. (internet connection required).

121 Personal Session

A confidential, personal 121 session with your hypnotherapist

Mind Magic

Let the magic of hypnotherapy help you to break the smoking habit.

Get Started

Meet Your Hypnotherapist

Jo first trained as a hypnotherapist in 2006 in the UK. She qualified as a Hypnosis trainer in 2008 under the guidance of teacher and personal mentor Tad James in USA. She has also been lucky enough to receive training from Stephen Gilligan who was the prodige of Milton Erickson, known as the godfather of hypnosis.

Enjoy Smoke Free Freedom.

In the comfort of your own home, easily, effortlessly & magically!

Finding hope within

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Better night's sleep

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Inner peace mastery

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Compassion mastery

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Focus your attention

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Control your awareness

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People Are So Happy To Be Smoke Free

My clients experience life changing moments and that's why i'm here

''I love your hypnotherapy, my body and mind is finally at peace. Thank you.''

Mandy Ray • New York

''I'm so enjoying the feeling of being totally fresh & clear. My partner loves the new me.''

James Lee • Baltimore

''Stopped only this week and I feel my body breathing easier and feeling better.''

Ava Ross • Richmond

''I'm finally happy and I enjoy my life every single day. Highly recommended.''

Emma White • Boston

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Frequently asked questions...

What if I don't have any experience?

All of our meditation classes are beginner-friendly. Our instructors will hold your hand every step of the way and look after your individual needs and interests.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend wearing clothes you feel most comfortable in. Light and airy clothing combos have been our practitioner favorites.

What if I can't learn meditation?

You may rest assured that you are in good hands. Our top instructors have developed ways of teaching meditation, your chances of failure are slim to none.

Do I need special skills?

The only skill required for meditation beginners is the willingness to listen, learn, and be patient with one's progress.

Hyposis For Stop Smoking

Hypnosis For Stop Smoking: One Session is all it takes. Choose freedom.. Be Smoke Free, Its easy with hypnotherapy with Jo.

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